Legality of Law on Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant questioned

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vilnius, Dec 10 (ELTA) - State institutions and courts might soon receive a request to amend or recognize the law on the Ignalina
Nuclear Power Plant as illegal. The winners of the Constitution exam who now make up the Citizens' Council on Constitutionality think that a decision to build a nuclear power plant and the principles of formation of the national investor are in conflict with the

In the words of Liudvikas Ragauskis, head of the public company Konstituciniu Teisiu Gynimo Agentura (Agency for Protection of Constitutional Rights), a referendum must have been held concerning the construction of a new nuclear power plant.

Moreover, majority of the members of the citizens' council drew a conclusion that the selected method of constructing a nuclear power plant by granting exceptional rights to economic entities was not in line with the European Union legal acts.

"In order to eliminate the violation, we will, first of all, refer to the Constitutional provision that the state authorities shall serve the citizens and address the Seimas with a request to eliminate the violation. If the request is ignored, we will address the president and ask him to use his right to apply to the Constitutional Court to examine if we are right. If the president does not hear our request, we ourselves will address the court and will not confine to national courts," Ragauskis said.

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