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On this page you can browse the directory of reported nuclear and radiation incidents reported to the IAEA.

It is also possible to check a map with all the incidents.

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Event date Location Incident INES level
2009-09-23 Laramie River Station Potential Overexposure of Members of the Public 2
2009-08-31 Birjand University Loss of Radiation Source 2
2009-08-28 NO facility associated to this event Contamination of a vehicle with Cs-137 2
2009-08-03 BEZNAU-2 Exposure of two workers in excess of statutory annual dose limits 2
2009-07-27 ROil refinery, Gdansk Overexposure in the field radiography 3
2009-07-21 Cardinal Health / Beltsville MD Worker Overexposure 2
2009-03-03 Argus, Jinju, Souther part of Republic of Korea Overexposure of a field radiography worker 3
2008-11-04 Argus/ Yeosu, Southern part of Republic of Korea Overexposure of field radiography workers 2
2008-10-23 Bunkyo-city, Tokyo Unsuitable management of Bakelite plates containing radioactive materials 2
2008-10-07 Metallic products manufacturer Cobalt-60 contaminated elevator buttons sold abroad by a French company 2
2008-09-29 Metco Radiographer Overexposure to Extremity 2
2008-09-11 S.H.I.Examination & Inspection Ltd / Ehime prefecture Radiation Overexposure of a Worker 2
2008-09-02 Ardmore Radiographer Overexposure 2
2008-08-28 Covidien, Mallinckrodt Medical B.V., Petten Radiation Worker Skin Overexposure 1
2008-08-25 IRE-Fleurus Iodine-131 release in the environment 3
2008-08-03 IAEA Safeguards Seibersdorf Laboratory Incident involving radioactive material at IAEA safeguards laboratory 1
2008-08-01 Tarragona Overexposure of a worker 3
2008-07-21 Hospital, São Paulo Potential Overexposure During Co-60 Source Exchange 3
2008-07-07 SOCATRI Bollène (Vaucluse) Spillage of uranium-bearing effluents into the environment at the SOCATRI nuclear facility 1
2008-07-07 PAKS-1 Deterioration of the containment depression of unit 1 during an air locking operation for maintenance activities 1
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