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On this page you can browse the directory of reported nuclear and radiation incidents reported to the IAEA.

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Event date Location Incident INES level
1998-03-14 BILIBINO UNIT D Radiation overexposure of personnel while performing refuellig activities 2
1998-03-03 IGNALINA-1 Reactor trip resulting from fast acting scram system (FASS) actuation
1998-02-13 CLINTON-1 Loss of shutdown cooling
1997-11-09 DUKOVANY-1 Small short-term fire in the switchboard in the NPP Dukovany
1997-10-09 LIMERICK-2 Fire in emergency diesel generator exhaust
1997-09-29 TREVISO Worker irradiation from a Co-60 source after a gamma radiography 3
1997-09-27 RINGHALS-4 Closed valves in the containment spray pumps' suction lines during the non-nuclear phase of start-up after refueling 2
1997-08-22 SOUTH UKRAINE-2 Fresh fuel assembly damage during refuelling 2
1997-08-20 PAKS-3 Sticking of one control rod during reactor protection actuation after the turbine control system's test 2
1997-08-17 RINGHALS-2 Automatic protection system disconnected during non nuclear heat up after refuelling 1
1997-07-26 MIR-M1, RU-0013 Slightly increased radioactivity release outside the reactor while preparing for removal of leaky fuel assembly 1
1997-07-14 TRIGA MARK II Leakage of water in the primary cooling system of AERE Reasearch Centre 2
1997-07-01 RINGHALS-2 Two out of four diesel generators unavailable due to loose connection to the voltage regulator 1
1997-06-09 BNFL SPRINGFIELDS Fire involving used extract ventilation filters
1997-05-20 NUCLEAR RESEARCH INST. Small fire in the research reactor LR-O building in Rez [N/A]
1997-05-18 KAKRAPAR-1 Actuation of secondary shutdown system (SSS) on slow insertion of more than one rod of primary shutdown system (PSS) 2
1997-05-17 KRSKO Loss of the residual heat removal system during refueling
1997-05-16 FORSMARK-2 Degraded containment pressure suppression function during shutdown of reactor before outage period 1
1997-05-15 METAL FOUNDRY, HETTSTEDT Discovery of a Cs-137 radiation source on a scrap yard 2
1997-05-02 KOEBERG-1 Workers receive dose exceeding statutory annual dose limit 2
1997-03-26 VANDELLOS-1 Worker contamination for AM-241 inhalation when manipulating a radiation detector 1
1997-03-23 BN-350 Leakage on thge feedwater recirculation pipeline of the steam-generator no. 1
1997-03-11 TOKAI REPROCESSING PLANT Fire and Explosion at the Bituminization Demonstration Facility of the Reprocessing Plant 3
1997-03-11 KOEBERG-2 Uncontrolled entry into room under reactor vessel during refuelling outage 2
1997-03-07 PALUEL-1 Exceeding the required operating limits, aggravated by safety culture problems 2
1997-03-02 KAKRAPAR-1 Reactor trip on PHT pressure less than 79.6 kg/cm2 for 15 seconds
1997-02-05 ENUSA Supposedly empty shipping containers found to contain nuclear material 1
1997-02-04 ARMENIA-2 Reactor trip due to short circuit on control and protection system of generator
1997-02-03 BNFL, Sellafield Spillage of active liquor 2
1997-02-02 BNFL, Sellafield Release of airborne activity into the workplace resulted in a building evacuation 2
1997-01-17 POINT LEPREAU Primary heat transport system leakage from coolant channel outlet feeder 1
1997-01-17 ALMARAZ-2 Slow insertion of control rods 1
1997-01-01 KRSKO Inadvertent closure of the MSIV caused safety injection and plant trip
1996-12-14 DAMPIERRE-1 Leakage on a piping connected to the primary circuit 2
1996-11-21 BORSSELE Operation of unit with insufficient containment function 2
1996-11-11 KOZLODUY-6 Small leak in one steam generator
1996-11-01 OSKARSHAMN-2 One of the emergency core cooling systems - the core spray system - was unavailable at Oskarshamn-2 2
1996-10-08 ARMENIA-2 Reactor trip due to short circuit on the high-voltage line
1996-10-06 DUKOVANY-4 Scram of the reactor caused by a wrong operation of the control room operator 1
1996-10-04 POINT LEPREAU Emergency water/reheater drains distribution header damage inside the steam generators 2
1996-09-14 ULCHIN-2 Blockage of sea water screen by jellyfish
1996-08-19 CLINTON-1 RCIC turbine insulation fire
1996-08-14 KRSKO Reactor trip caused by blown fuses
1996-08-13 Studsvik Nuclear AB Water leak into a hot cell at the Studsvik research establishment 1
1996-08-11 ULCHIN-1 Manual shutdown for repairing of main condenser tube
1996-08-07 YONGGWANG-2 Manual shutdown for repairing the steam generator tube leak
1996-08-05 PINSTEC Release of iodine-131 from 131 production plant of nuclear chemistry division Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology 1
1996-08-03 CERNAVODA-1 Rupture of a freon storage tank [N/A]
1996-07-24 GILAN Over-exposure of one worker during the industrial radiography activities 2
1996-07-24 KHMELNITSKI-1 On-site radioactive contamination 1