INES directory

On this page you can browse the directory of reported nuclear and radiation incidents reported to the IAEA.

Please be aware that this directory is not complete, certainly not below INES-2, as different national regulatory bodies have different measures as to what to report to the IAEA and what not.

It is also possible to check a map with all reported the incidents.

To get notified of nuclear incidents as they are added to the directory, follow @ines_events on Twitter or through the RSS-feed.

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Event date Location Incident INES level
2011-01-24 LAGUNA VERDE-2 Hydrogen Recombiner functional testing not satisfactory
2011-01-19 LAGUNA VERDE-2 Reactor trip due to high pressure in the reactor pressure vessel 2
2011-01-15 LAGUNA VERDE-1 Reactor trip due to failure in the Main Generator
2011-01-13 Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA OVEREXPOSURE TO RADIATION WORKER 2
2010-12-02 Boliden Mineral, Gällivare Several mine workers overexposed by X-rays 2
2010-12-02 LAGUNA VERDE-1 Non Usual Event declared due to loss of outside power at Laguna Verde NPP U1 1
2010-11-05 Closed Iron foundry in Town Lublin Lost or stolen sources containing Co-60 1
2010-10-22 LAGUNA VERDE-2 Potential damage in riser pipe at Laguna Verde NPP U2 1
2010-09-17 SHINKORI-1 Inadvertent Containment Spray of Reactor Coolant 2
2010-09-16 Inspecta Oy/Kotka Radiography overexposure 2
2010-08-31 LEIBSTADT Exposure of a worker in excess of statutory annual dose limits 2
2010-08-04 ISOAID, LLC/Port Richey, FL Extremity Overexposure 2
2010-07-20 Genova port Co-60 orphan source discovered in a container of metal scraps in the Genova Port 2
2010-06-23 Ontario Information on earthquake which occurred in Eastern Canada. [N/A]
2010-05-26 industrial radiography Contamination of 6 workers during the recovery of a gammagraphy Co-60 source 2
2010-04-23 CHINON-B4 Worker overexposure 2
2010-04-20 Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio Member of the Public Overexposure 2
2010-04-07 Other Discovery of radioactive materials in scrap shops and acute exposure of scrap dealer 4
2010-04-02 Washington University St. Louis Worker Overexposure
2010-03-28 H.B. ROBINSON-2 Reactor Trip and Safety Injection with Complications from Fire 2
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