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On this page you can browse the directory of reported nuclear and radiation incidents reported to the IAEA.

It is also possible to check a map with all the incidents.

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Event date Location Incident INES level
2002-01-21 FLAMANVILLE-2 Partial loss of the command and control system in Flamanville NPP 2
2002-01-18 LARISA Radiactive source Ir-192 lost in Greece 2
2002-01-18 Halivourgiki / Aspropirgos Radioactice source found in a scrap recycling facility in Greece 1
2002-01-02 Studsvik Nuclear AB High radiation levels measured on a package containing Iridium-192 3
2001-12-04 CIS BIO INTERNATIONAL Loss of a type "A" package during a road shipment between France and Italy 1
2001-11-29 CERNAVODA-1 Loss of radioactive source Cs-137 included in a Beckman device 1
2001-11-29 POINT BEACH 1&2 Potential Common Cause Failure of Auxiliary Feedwater 2
2001-11-11 DARLINGTON-3 Heat Transport Steam Bleed Valve Failed Open Causing Unit Trip
2001-10-15 SHIPYARDS Cobalt-60 contaminated steel slabs sent to Italian shipyard from a foundry in Macedonia 2
2001-10-09 BINCH Iridium source lost in a stolen van 1
2001-08-27 PHILIPPSBURG-2 Boron concentration below specification in borated water storage tanks of 3 out of 4 ECCS trains 2
2001-08-10 PHILIPPSBURG-2 Plant start up with too low levels in the borated water storage tanks 2
2001-08-09 SCRAPYARD New equipment with CO-60 in steel flanges in non-nuclear research institute 1
2001-07-19 BARSEBECK-2 Underdimensioned rupture disc installed in the FILTRA-system 1
2001-07-10 NUCLEAR RESEARCH INST., REZ Contamination of workers during dismantling of alpha dry glove boxes 2
2001-07-03 Jewometaal, Rotterdam-Botlek Unshielded strontium-90 source found at scrapyard 2
2001-06-30 S.C. Forever/ Calan Unauthorized dismantling of a furnace containing Co-60 radioactive sources 1
2001-06-22 PAKS-2 Fire in the A110/2 cable corridor
2001-06-20 RINGHALS-2 Incorrect calculation of an algorithm in overload protection devices for local power distribution at Ringhals 2 NPP. 1
2001-05-15 TIHANGE-1 Fan belt catching fire in the auxiliary building without consequences
2001-04-11 ROVNO-2 Shut down of Rovno NPP unit 2 because of fall of a crane's boom 1
2001-04-04 DUNGENESS-B1 UNIT A Discovery of an Interlock Defeat applied to the Fuelling Machine d/P/dT Protection system without application 1
2001-04-02 DAMPIERRE-4 Wrong positioning of fuel assemblies in the reactor vessel during refuelling operations 2
Risk of recirculation system valves becoming jammed in 5 NPPs 2
2000-12-28 HELLENIC STEEL PRODUCTION CO. Radioactive source found in scrap recycling facility in Greece 1
2000-12-04 SAPHYMO Loss of a radioactive package between Orange (84-France) and Thrion-Gardals (28-France) 1
2000-11-28 NARORA-1 Forced shutdown of Narora Unit-1 due to unavailability of make up water
2000-11-28 CIS BIO INTERNATIONAL Loss of a radioactive package between Roissy (France) and Athens (Greece) airports 1
2000-11-24 TRICASTIN-3 Successive events in operation during reactor restart 2
2000-11-13 CIS BIO INTERNATIONAL Loss of a radioactive Type-A package containing 30,8 GBq of Thallium 201 between Paris-Roissy (France) and Budapest (Hungary) airports 1
2000-10-16 EUREX Flooding event at the EUREX facility 1
2000-10-06 DUKOVANY-1 Fire at Dukovany NPP [N/A]
2000-09-29 SICN COMPANY Loss of a radioactive package containing a small amount of depleted uranium 1
2000-09-19 Jewometaal, Rotterdam-Botlek Unshielded Cs-137 source found in metal scrap 1
2000-09-11 PERU radiation source Finding of abandoned radioactive source in the street 2
2000-09-09 BELOYARSKY-3(BN-600) Beloyarsk NPP Unit 3 scram due to events in the operation of the Urals power system
2000-08-27 KOZLODUY-3 Increase in the gamma background in front of the reactor building of unit 3 1
2000-08-17 LOVIISA-1 Water leakages at Loviisa-1 NPP unit from the fuel loading pool on 17 and 18 August 2000 during the annual maintenance outage 1
2000-06-27 DAMPIERRE-1 Error in operating rules leading to safety injection system unavailability 2
2000-06-26 MEET HALFA Lost source causing a radiological accident at Meet Halfa, Egypt 4
2000-06-20 HYDERABAD MNJ Missing sealed source CS-137 of 73 mCi 2
2000-06-15 BOHUNICE-4 Unplanned exposure of workers 1
2000-06-07 CIS BIO INTERNATIONAL Loss of an Iodine-131 package between France and Spain during air shipment 1
2000-06-01 Channahon Radiation Injury to Radiographer 3
2000-05-03 CIS BIO INTERNATIONAL Loss of an iodine-125 source 1
2000-04-15 NARORA-2 Moderator water leak in moderator room 1
2000-03-02 TANDEM CONSULTANTS Loss of a Promethium source (18.5 GBq) 1
2000-02-15 INDIAN POINT-2 Steam generator tube leak