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On this page you can browse the directory of reported nuclear and radiation incidents reported to the IAEA.

It is also possible to check a map with all the incidents.

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Event date Location Incident INES level
2011-10-12 Petrochemical Inspection Services, Texas Overexposure to Radiographer 2
2011-10-08 Raritan, New Jersey/Johnson and Johnson Overexposure to Radiation Workers 2
2011-10-04 Vila Nova de Gaia Hazardous manipulation of a lightning rod with Ra-226 1
2011-10-04 Belgoprocess Contamination of workers during inspection 2
2011-10-01 Las Vegas, Nevada / University of Nevada Uranium 233 / 238 Inhalation Overexposure 2
2011-09-28 Praha Found radioactive source 1
2011-09-13 Duferco - La Louvière Melting of Orphan Source 1
2011-09-12 Lavaca, Texas Overexposure to a Radiographer Trainee's Extremities 3
2011-09-12 CENTRACO (Codolet, France) Explosion and fire at Centraco CENTRACO waste processing and conditioning plant 1
2011-08-23 NORTH ANNA POWER STATION UNITS 1 and 2 Alert Emergency Action Level Declaration due to Loss of Offsite Power Resulting from a Seismic Event
2011-07-19 Acuren Inspections, Inc., Austin, TX Stolen Radiography Camera 2
2011-06-14 Gamma Irradiation facility, town of Stamboliysky Overexposure of workers at irradiation facility - follow up 4
2011-05-30 KAKRAPAR-2 Over exposure of workers beyond annual regulatory limit 2
2011-04-12 Fukushima Daiichi Re-evaluation of INES rating; Effect to the Nuclear Facilities from the earthquake on east area of Japan 7
2011-03-30 University of Washington, Seattle Washington Worker Overexposure 2
2011-03-18 DOEL-4 Inadequate setting of the auxiliary feedwater turbopump 2
2011-03-12 FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI-1 Abnormal rise of radioactive dosage value at site boundary 5
2011-03-11 FUKUSHIMA-DAINI-4 Loss of the cooling function to the ultimate heat sink due to the big tsunami 3
2011-03-11 FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI-4 Loss of cooling function and water supplying function on the spent fuel pool due to the big tsunami. 3
2011-03-11 FUKUSHIMA-DAINI-1 Loss of the cooling function to the ultimate heat sink due to the big tsunami 3
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