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On this page you can browse the directory of reported nuclear and radiation incidents reported to the IAEA.

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Event date Location Incident INES level
2011-03-11 FUKUSHIMA-DAIICI-1,2 FUKUSHIMA-DAINI-1, Japan Effect to the Nuclear Facilities from the earthquake on east area of Japan 3
2011-03-11 FUKUSHIMA-DAINI-4 Loss of the cooling function to the ultimate heat sink due to the big tsunami 3
2011-03-11 FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI-4 Loss of cooling function and water supplying function on the spent fuel pool due to the big tsunami. 3
2011-03-11 FUKUSHIMA-DAINI-1 Loss of the cooling function to the ultimate heat sink due to the big tsunami 3
2011-03-11 FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI-2 The core damage by loss of all cooling function due to the big tsunami. 5
2011-02-16 TRICASTIN-3 Level 2 incident on INES scale concerning back-up diesel generators at Tricastin nuclear power plant 2
2011-01-24 LAGUNA VERDE-2 Hydrogen Recombiner functional testing not satisfactory
2011-01-19 LAGUNA VERDE-2 Reactor trip due to high pressure in the reactor pressure vessel 2
2011-01-15 LAGUNA VERDE-1 Reactor trip due to failure in the Main Generator
2011-01-13 Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA OVEREXPOSURE TO RADIATION WORKER 2
2010-12-02 LAGUNA VERDE-1 Non Usual Event declared due to loss of outside power at Laguna Verde NPP U1 1
2010-12-02 Boliden Mineral, Gällivare Several mine workers overexposed by X-rays 2
2010-11-05 Closed Iron foundry in Town Lublin Lost or stolen sources containing Co-60 1
2010-10-22 LAGUNA VERDE-2 Potential damage in riser pipe at Laguna Verde NPP U2 1
2010-09-17 SHINKORI-1 Inadvertent Containment Spray of Reactor Coolant 2
2010-09-16 Inspecta Oy/Kotka Radiography overexposure 2
2010-08-31 LEIBSTADT Exposure of a worker in excess of statutory annual dose limits 2
2010-08-04 ISOAID, LLC/Port Richey, FL Extremity Overexposure 2
2010-07-20 Genova port Co-60 orphan source discovered in a container of metal scraps in the Genova Port 2
2010-06-23 Ontario Information on earthquake which occurred in Eastern Canada. [N/A]
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