Greenpeace activists 'risk their lives'

Monday, August 18, 2008

GREENPEACE ACTIVISTS protesting against a shipment of nuclear waste on its way to Sellafield are putting themselves at risk of death or injury, the UK nuclear security chief has warned.

Roger Brunt, the director of the government's Office for Civil Nuclear Security (OCNS), has accused the international anti-nuclear group of "recklessness" during attempts to board a boat carrying plutonium-contaminated waste from Sweden.

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NPP Employee Suspects Nuclear Fuel Fraud

Monday, July 14, 2008

There is a possibility that a corruption scheme for the supply of nuclear fuel was created at the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) "Kozloduy", according to statements made before Darik radio by Georgi Kotev.
Kotev is an employee of the NPP and had initially made his accusations through a popular video clips Internet site.

According to the NPP employee beginning in 2004, "Kozloduy" might have been importing recycled fuel instead of new one and the NPP's top management has been personally profiting from the price difference.The NPP Director Ivan Genov firmly denied Kotov's allegations.

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Chernobyl, 22 Years Later

Thursday, April 3, 2008

(CBS) Twenty-two years after the world's worst nuclear accident, radiation danger at Chernobyl is still so severe that a 16-mile area remains sealed - reached only through two checkpoints. CBS News correspondent Bill Plante was allowed inside with a camera crew.

The meltdown left a simmering stew of toxic radioactivity under the rubble, covered by a hastily built shelter that's crumbling.

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Cutting Edge: The Nuclear Comeback

Monday, January 14, 2008

There is no shortage of documentaries reminding us that peak oil has been reached - and passed. Demand is rising and so, too, inevitably, are prices. What happens when money alone isn't enough to secure a barrel of the action? Is nuclear energy the short-term solution?

Proponents say it's clean and safe. Governments, prone to hard pragmatism, are beginning to bend towards a technology that may provide breathing space inasmuch as there is negligible carbon emissions from nuclear energy production - just a lot of unpleasant material that can last for a bloody long time.

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70s Echo in New ‘No Nukes’ Campaign

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 — In 1979, in the dark freeze of the cold war and six months after the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Middletown, Pa., they packed Madison Square Garden for a series of “No Nukes” concerts that seemed to echo a generation’s fear of atomic Armageddon.

Now, the musicians, Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash and Jackson Browne, aging, activist rock stars, have reunited to battle the nuclear power industry on Capitol Hill.

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Big Bang Changes Cumbrian Skyline

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Big Bang Changes Cumbrian Skyline

Updated: 12:37, Saturday September 29, 2007

Four cooling towers at Sellafield's Calder Hall site in Cumbria have been razed to the ground after helping generate electricity for nearly 50 years.

The world's first commercial nuclear power station is being demolished.

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