Action à la centrale nucléaire de Tihange (Huy)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Il est dangereux de prolonger la vie des réacteurs nucléaires, les alternatives existent!

Une trentaine de militants de Greenpeace ont investi le site de la centrale nucléaire de Tihange.

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Plans for decommissioning EU nuclear power plants under way

Sunday, May 30, 2004

The European Commission's forward programme on decommissioning and waste management (D&WM) covers all the decommissioning of all existing installations (operating or otherwise) and the treatment of waste that exists or results from the decommissioning process. The programme is set to be reviewed every four years, primarily so as to take account of any new plants that may be built in the future. The aim is to decommission all existing plants up to "level 3" as soon as possible. This means removing any nuclear materials, any waste and radioactive equipment and any trace of residual radioactive waste in the buildings. The Commission is also investigating the green field option, where the structures are demolished and the land is returned to its original state.

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