Kola NPP marks 35 years anniversary

Monday, June 30, 2008

On June 27th, 1973, reactor No. 1 at the first nuclear power plant ever built north of the Arctic Circle was started. It was designed for a life-time of 30 years, but is still in operation.

Later in the 70ties and early 80 another three reactors was put into operation at the Kola nuclear power plant (Kola NPP).

From 1973 the four reactors at Kola NPP have generated some 313 billion kWh of electric power. 60 percent of all electricity produced at the Kola Peninsula origin from the nuclear power plant.

In the last years, vast amounts of works have been done in modernizing of the equipment at the power plant. Over 600 projects have been completed, and the total amount is more than 400 million dollars. This large-scale work made it possible to increase the security and confidence of the nuclear power plant, accordning to Kola NPP's own web-site.

The life-time of the now 35 years old reactor No. 1 is together with reactor No. 2 expanded to another 15 years. It is expected that reactor No. 3 and No. 4 soon will get their life-time prolonged with 25 years, reports Murman.ru.

On the anniversary date a number of workers were awarded decorations as honourable workers at the Kola Nuclear Power Plant. In addition, solemn ceremonies and a party celebrated Kola’s first Nuclear Power Plant, located near the city of Polyarny Zori.

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