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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Covenant Between the Government and the Borssele Operator Concerning the Life Extension (2006)

On 16 June 2006, a covenant was concluded between the Dutch Government and the operators of the Borssele nuclear power plant concerning the plant’s life extension. N.V. Elektriciteits Produktiemaatschappij Zuid-Nederland EPZ (hereinafter EPZ) was granted a licence for an indefinite period pursuant to the 1963 Nuclear Energy Act to operate the Borssele nuclear power plant. Essent Energie B.V. and Delta Energie B.V. each hold a 50% stake in the shares of EPZ.

The covenant provides for the NPP to continue operating until 31 December 2033 at the latest. Under its terms, Delta B.V. and Essent B.V. will invest in innovative types of sustainable energy and in the reduction of CO2 emissions. A special fund is also to be set up by them to support the development of new clean energy technologies.

The covenant further provides that Borssele shall be one of the 25% safest water-cooled and water-moderated power reactors in the European Union, the United States of America and Canada, to which end a Committee of independent experts to be established by the parties shall regularly carry out benchmarking. It also provides that Borssele shall be dismantled as soon as possible after being shut down.

Source: OECD NEA Nuclear Law Bulletin 2007-1

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