Finland should approve all three nuclear power stations -Ex-PM

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The former Finnish prime minister Paavo Lipponen (soc dem) said at an energy seminar Thursday that Finland should greenlight all three nuclear power stations planned by utilities in order to bolster the country's energy security.

He added Finland should simultaneously boost spending on energy research and development and investments.

"A sixth nuclear power station is needed to safeguard affordable electricity and to keep manufacturing in Finland. A seventh is needed to replace imports from Russia. An eighth is needed to replace the two reactors that will be decommissioned in Loviisa in the 2020s," Mr Lipponen said.

Mr Lipponen also urged the EU to lower its emission reduction targets given the current economic climate.

"Is there real leadership at the EU or are they content with carrying on with the climate policy hype that was adopted last year?"

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