No site selected for construction of nuclear power plant so far

Friday, July 25, 2008

No site for the construction of Belarus’ first-ever nuclear power plant has been selected so far as government experts continue exploring a few options.

Three areas are being studied, located close to the village of Chyrvonaya Palyana near Bykhaw, Mahilyow region; the village of Kukshynava between Horki and Shklow, Mahilyow region; and in the Astravets district, Hrodna region.

While talking at a round-table conference in Minsk on July 24, Uladzimir Pyatrushkevich, an engineer supervising the project, promised that the site would be selected before the end of the year.

“The Astravets site is least explored and work has been sped up there. When we receive a full range of data on all of the three sites, we will be able to compare all of them and pick the best-suited one,” he said.

The expert noted that topographical and hydrological conditions, weather, land prices and population density would be important factors in selecting the site for the plant.

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