"Kola NPP among the best in Russia"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Kola Nuclear Power plant has for a long time been among the best three power plants in Russia, head engineer of the plant says. The plant will now become a part of the new giant federal company Atomenergoprom.

Mr. Vasilii Omelchuk stresses that the plant has top standards what concerns security, stable production and efficiency. –For a number of years the plant has been among the best three NPPs in Russia on all main parameters, he underlines to B-port.com

Mr. Omelchuk maintains that almost 400 million USD has been invested in various upgrade projects in the plant. The Kola Nuclear Power Plant has been in operation for soon 35 years. The plant produces about 60 percent of all power in Murmansk Oblast.

The Russian nuclear power industry is in a period of major change. This week, Russian President Putin signed a decree on the reorganisation of the whole industry into one joint company – the Atomenergoprom company. The new company will include 89 subsidiary companies covering the whole industry cycle from uranium enrichment to production of nuclear fuel and to the construction of nuclear power plants.

The new 100-percent state-owned company, which will be established in the course of 2008, will employ an estimated 175,000 people

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